So, you want to get noticed online...

In 1440, Gutenberg revolutionized the way we communicate. By being able to reuse individual letters in a printing press, Gutenberg was able to faithfully mass produce a message and distribute it to hundreds, even thousands of people throughout Europe.

And that's the way things went until the 1840's and the advent of the telegraph, then the telephone, then broadcast radio and then television.

Books contained the details. Telegraph and telephone provided uses with two-way communication. Radio and television reached the masses.

Now, the web does it all!

  • A dad buys all of his Christmas gifts...from his home office.
  • A professor in Seoul is teaching a San Francisco.
  • A company updates its product information and thousands of retailers get the update...instantly.
  • Someone wants to know all about "Underwater Basket Weaving"...and gets 35,800 hits on Google.

Thought Nest is filled with awe and excitement at the power of the web. We have an obsession. Let us be your guide, and we'll make the web work for you.